An accreditation is an official recognition by an independent and neutral body of the competence of a certification or inspection body in a well-defined technical area and based on consideration of the standards applying to this body's operation.

Certifer Belgorail has ISO 17065 accreditation for the activities of Notified Body, Designated Body and ECM certification body. This accreditation is registered and described under reference 335-PROD and was accorded following several audits and in-depth analysis of the company’s modus operandi.

Certifer Belgorail is also accredited in accordance with the standard ISO 17020 (as type A inspection body) under reference 335-INSP for independent safety assessment (ISA) and as assessment body with respect to a common safety method relative to assessment of the risks.

Recently Certifer Belgorail has been granted the accreditation in accordance with the standard ISO 17021 under reference 335-QMS for the ISO 9001 management system certifications for rail related organisations. This new accreditation completes the list of accreditations and recognitions and allows Certifer Belgorail to offer a wider range of certifications.

Belgorail’s accreditations have been granted by BELAC, an accreditation organisation operating under the responsibility of the Belgian State. The accreditation scopes can be consulted on the website of BELAC.

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335-PROD & 335-INSP & 335-QMS